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Remote Mounted Unit

Deep Sump Deep Sump
Deep Sump

Overdrive Control Kits Available

Chevy Adaptor

Lacock overdirve

Reseal kit with cone clutch,it will fit All P type laycock overdrives and most J type overdrives

 Custom made input shafts for Laycock P type  & J type overdrives

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We used this Laycock overdrive in our Class 7  off-road truck to get a competitive edge on our fellow racers.  With this overdrive we could leave the transmission in third gear and when coming out of a corner at full throttle hit the button and the overdrive would give me a nice gear in-between.  Also, in our line of racing; half the time the truck is airborne anywhere from one to six feet and the overdrive never skipped a beat, even under these harsh conditions. ~KC Keller ~

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